Gemmae lucis

From 5th to 25th April 2021

Opening Postponed to 17th April 2021 due to COVID restrictions

The Exhibition

Gemmae Lucis 

De Luca's works are striking for the richness of the shades and the variety of tones on tones, where the tiles emerge as apparent ranges of non-color. It is not a question of simple shades of a single color, but of a perfect color, never shouted, which is expressed with elegance. For Marco De Luca the mosaic is painting and this is the starting point in each of his works. The artist moves with skill through the pigments to arrive to the mosaic, combining everything with an important architectural mastery. And, from the consistent background of "non-color", a sudden blaze is expressed, a colored tile that lights up the whole composition.

From the critical text by Roberto Pagnani: "His works are sculptures that have freed themselves from the weight of materials and are lightened in a vertical ascent where the static is reinvented with extreme technical skill." 

The artist's technique and poetics, the soul of his vision will be made tangible through some significant works shown in the Pallavicini22 exhibition space, such as, for example, " Il monte e la nuvola (The mountain and the cloud)" and "Lui (Him)" and "Lei (She)".

The sculpture / mosaic "The mountain and the cloud", where the shapes and the light of the almost colorless materials tell the consistency of the mountain. The light and the lightness of the cloud, on the other hand, emerge through a game of full and empty spaces, which is expressed, as you go up to the top, through the horizontal succession of small multiples of stones.

The two steles "He" and "She" appear as two thin vertical apses ascending towards the sky, like niches that house a sublimated and abstract idea of the divine: silence, powerful and spiritual sound. "They are like two elements that belong to an" archeology of the future "where contemporary art is directly linked to the great history of the past, returning to be a solid bridge between all human eras". The "She" stele is clear and silver. In the stele "He" compactness and homogeneity predominate. But it is in the frame of the apse that the revolution and revelation take place, freeing the sense of the divine contained in the entire work.

The Artist


"With painting I realized I had repetitive processes, so I recovered the use of mosaic because with it I found" time "


Born in Medicina (Bologna) and graduated from the State Institute of Art for Mosaic in Ravenna, De Luca completed his academic career in 1973 at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna. In those years he collaborated with the Il Mosaico laboratory, where he had the opportunity to work closely with great artists such as Zoran Mušič, Dorazio and Turcato. He was a teacher of pictorial disciplines at the State Institute of Art for Mosaics. He has exhibited his works in numerous museums, spaces and galleries, in Italy and abroad, both in collective and personal exhibitions.

Marco De Luca currently lives and works in Ravenna. 

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