Il sorriso e lo sguardo di Alda Merini

From 20th to 28th March 2021

postponed due to CODIV restrictions
from 29th October to 7th November 2021

The Exhibition

A review of photographs that, through the look and the smile, allow you to capture the mood of Alda Merini in private situations, in meditation with herself, in public appearances, in relationships with other people. 

The reference context of the images varies from the private house on the Navigli in Milan (early nineties) to the dressing room of the Filodrammatici Theater, to the stage of other theaters or television studios, to the environments of cultural events (2000s). Through the photographs it is also possible to enter the House-Museum that the Municipality of Milan inaugurated in memory of Alda Merini in via Magolfa on 21 March 2011, and to attend her funeral on 4 November 2009, celebrated in the Duomo.

About forty unpublished photos - which represent only a choice from Giuseppe Nicoloro's archive - have already been set up in the popular exhibition dedicated to the poetess "Divine Bed" from 21 March to 14 April 2018 at the "Pontremoli" antiquarian bookshop in Milan and now they are ready for a new display in the Pallavicini 22 exhibition hall in Ravenna. 

The review will be accompanied by some handwritten or printed sheets and short publications kindly granted by the Pontremoli Library in Milan. 

The exhibition aims to celebrate the date of birth of Alda Merini (21 March 1931) and the World Poetry Day (declared by Unesco in 1999). 

The Works

The Artist


"Freezing the image with a click is giving a testimony that resists time, while memory fades". This is the conviction of Giuseppe Nicoloro, a photojournalist who chose to express himself through “writing with light”, to document, communicate and tell the stories, people and places that were changing under his eyes.

Originally from Campania (he was born in Tufo, Irpinia) after living in Naples and Taranto, he moves to Milan and decides to stay here to fully experience the spirit of the 70s and 80s. He wants to be part of the social, cultural and political ferment of the tumultuous metropolis, and, above all, he wants to be a narrator.

The city environment is the fertile ground in which he experiences the passion for photography that becomes his profession. He attends the evening courses of the historic "Umanitaria" school in Milan, where he studies and practices all shooting techniques; he is interested in the history of photography, he questions its social function and the use of images. 

From 1985, after experiences in the commercial field, Nicoloro began a multi-year collaboration with the Cino Del Duca publishing house (Stop and Historia magazines) and from 1992 he joined the National Order of Journalists as a publicist. Since then, his photographs have appeared in national newspapers and periodicals (Corriere della Sera, Repubblica, la Stampa, Panorama, l 'Espresso ...) in print and online. 

The love for this form of expression goes beyond the profession of photojournalist and Giuseppe Nicoloro also shoots following his own personal interests, enriching his archive and setting up some exhibitions:

Ah!…che bell’ ò café!

Quando i muri “parlano”

Pianeta lettura 

Pinocchio…una bambinata 

Tra un manifesto e lo specchio. Artisti in camerino 

Andiamo all’Expo 2015

Galleria di ritratti di scrittori. 

His photographs contain all the poetry of "... an extraordinary narrative tool for those who speak little and write less."

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