Strappare con cura, sospesi nel vuoto

From 10 to 25 June 2023

The Exhibition

Luca Piovaccari's work is a work on the margins. Margins between photography and installation, margins between drawing and painting, margins between nature and artifice, margins between residual landscape and anthropic landscape. Tearing along the edges with care is his way of proceeding, a poetic declaration of his journey as a silent transhumant that began more than three decades ago and the nucleus of works on display marks, "with care", the traces

They are painful and humble landscapes, architectures interrupted by fences, crossed by anthropic signs, buildings and artifacts of our territory; not post-rural places that crowd our usual landscape and become residues, attacked by pioneer plants until they disappear, or so uniform that they become neutral, almost transparent.

The Works

The Artist

Luca Piovaccari was born in Cesena, Italy, in 1965. The practice of drawing begins very early to "compete" with photography, through virtuosity and visual references, giving rise to disorienting inner journeys. In the middle of the 90s Piovaccari was already working on large photographic images in which he represents faces and landscapes and often on transparent acetates and in monochrome tones. Over the years he continues his research through a gaze that penetrates the solitude of the landscape and the melancholy of everyday life.

Since 1997 he has exhibited in Italy and abroad, invited by prestigious critics and art historians and his works are part of the collections of important museums.

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