Sea Water

15th February – 1st March 2020

Vernissage 14th February 18:00 hrs.

The Exhibition

At Pallavicini 22 in Ravenna, Roberto Pagnani's ships return. They are small itinerant "cities" travelling on sea water, suspended between the sky and the sea, merging with all the colors and elements of the seascape. Sometimes they appear imposing on the canvas almost as if they were about to come out of it and other times they get lost, more intimate and minute, within the background of the painting. They tell us about inner and imaginative journeys always ready to sail aimlessly.

The Works

The Artist

Roberto Pagnani was born in Bologna and lives in Ravenna, the city where he works as an artist. Growing up in a family context dedicated to the world of art for several generations, he was in direct contact with works by the major protagonists of the European informal cultural environment. He exhibits in numerous events and exhibitions including New York - 2010, Onishi Gallery in New York, 2007; Dievas_Dio, Amber Gallery Museum in Nida (Lithuania), 2008; Casadicose, Nobodaddy 2008/9, Rasi di Ravenna Theater, 2009; Parole & Onde, Il Vicolo, Cesena Contemporary Art Gallery, 2010; Routes, Ravenna Port Authority, 2011; Café Promenade, Ionian Lapsus Festival, Katelios (Greece), 2011; Fleets, Copenhagen Gallery of Copenhagen (Denmark), 2012; Abstractions, Ninapì Gallery in Ravenna, 2012; Until the Pillars of Hercules and back, Pescherie della Rocca di Lugo, 2013; Elsewhere, Carbone Gallery of Ferrara, 2013; Asylum, Alma Mater Gallery in Sofia (Bulgaria), 2014. Blooming, Vibra Gallery in Ravenna, 2015, Nature is a Temple, Palazzo del Bargello in Gubbio, 2015; Friends-Free Ends, Venice Rafts Workshop, 2015; Lemures, Chrysalis XIII, Masque teatro, Forlì, 2016; Lemures II, SetUp +, Ibis Library, Bologna, 2017, SensofOrme, NiArt Gallery, Ravenna, 2018; Latest LANDSCAPES, DOC-Cassa di Risparmio di Imola Foundation, Imola, 2018.

Many critics and art historians have written about him, including especially Beatrice Buscaroli, Luca Maggio, Serena Simoni and Claudio Spadoni.

His collaborations with the world of theater and music are also important, such as, for example, the creation of scenographies. In 2011 he created the scenes for the musical performance of the pianist Matteo Ramon Arevalos (text by D. Settevendemie), entitled CaFFFè Promenade for the Mouffetard Theater in Paris. In 2013 he created the pictorial installation for the Sérimpie concert for Piano (M. R. Arevalos) and Ondes Martenot (B. Perrault) held at the Temple Neuf in Strasbourg (cd produced by ReR Megacorp). In 2017, there were many collaborations with the musician and composer Matteo Ramon Arevalos; creation and preparation of the sets at the San Filippo Neri Oratory in Bologna for the MICO Contemporary Music Festival; realization of the polymaterial elements for piano prepared for the Metamorphosis concert held at the Alighieri Theater of Ravenna on the occasion of the Ravenna Festival and then at the Italian Cultural Institute of Buenos Aires and, subsequently, at the Missouri Western University of Kansas City; installation in the form of polychromatic objects for concerts at the Zauli Museum in Faenza, in the Basilica of San Francesco in Ravenna and at the Spectrum in New York.

He also illustrated poetic texts and publications by Cetty Muscolino, Valerio Fabbri, Nevio Spadoni and Eugenio Vitali.

His works are present in numerous public and private collections, including the Ravenna Sea, the F. Trisi in Lugo Library, the Italian Cultural Institute of Vilnius, the headquarters of the Legislative Assembly of the Emilia Romagna Region in Bologna, the Copenhagen AEA (European Environment Agency).