Pallavicini22 Spazio espositivo

Claudia Agrioli inaugurates the exhibition hall on 5 October 2019 with two main aims:

  • Pallavicini22 Art Gallery pursues the redevelopment of the Farini district through the dissemination of the arts and makes itself available to grant the use of the exhibition hall to national and international artists.
  • Focused on a continuous improvement, the Pallavicini22 Art Gallery exhibition hall intends to dedicate an area to the city of Ravenna to host performances, temporary exhibitions, projects, photo shoots and cultural events, a place where experts and art lovers in the city can get together and discuss at events and exhibitions.

The debut was accompanied by Matitegiovanotte.Ra S.r.l. who designed the Logo and by ArtuU in charge of the Communication and Press Agency. 

The collaboration with the photographer Domenico Bressan began in 2019 documenting all the relevant events of the Exibition Hall. 

The collaboration with Domenico Camarda, visual designer, created the website of Pallavicini22 and takes care of its update. 

The collaboration with Roberto Pagnani, artist and collector, curator of the Ghigi-Pagnani Collection Archive, began in 2020. The Pallavicini22 Art Gallery Projects were created together with him, namely: We support art in times of pandemic and Promote young talents (Young Talents Project); We celebrate anniversaries (Celebrations Project); 8 Contemporary Masters: the Evolution of Mosaic Thought in Ravenna (Mosaicist Project).

The collaboration with Luca Maggio, curator and art critic, began in 2020.

The collaboration with Euroa Casadei, visual designer, author of graphic projects, image management and communication began in 2021.

An agreement is active with the Municipality of Ravenna - University and Higher Education Policies Service; Ravenna Academy of Fine Arts, whose students carry out curricular internships in support of the activities of the Pallavicini22 Art Gallery exhibition hall;

The exhibition activity of Pallavicini22 Art Gallery enjoys the patronage of the Municipality of Ravenna Department of Culture.;

The exhibition activity of Pallavicini22 Art Gallery enjoys the patronage of the Ravenna Academy of Fine Arts.

From 10 March 2022, with the establishment of CARP Association for Social Promotion, the activity of PALLAVICINI22 Art Gallery is organized in concert with the Ghigi Pagnani Collection Archive.


Ground floor area in a residential building located in Ravenna (Italy), in Viale Giorgio Pallavicini 22, near the railway station along the tree-lined avenue that leads to the Public Gardens and the City Art Museum.

The property is accessible from the public road even for people with walking difficulties, and consists of: exhibition area, rear area, dressing room and toilet. 

The hall, equipped with French doors and three large windows, two of which overlook the avenue and one on the internal courtyard, is very bright. 

Surface of the exhibition area: about 60 square meters.


Total 19.5 meters of aluminum track capable of carrying loads of up to 45 kg per meter


for LKM three-phase tracks, designed for led. High efficiency COB. Body and joint in die-cast aluminum. 355 ° orientation around the vertical axis and 90 ° upwards. Led lamps 1170lm 9W 3000K CRI90.


inverter, in heat pump, dual split DAIKIN BLUEVOLUTION 2MXM50M - (from 5,0 kw. with new gas R32) CLASS A +++




The residential building of which the property is part, consists of an internal courtyard (private garden "Le Coin Perdu") made available to the exhibition hall for cultural events.


Pallavicini22 Spazio espositivo Ravenna Pallavicini22 Spazio espositivo Ravenna Pallavicini22 Spazio espositivo Ravenna Pallavicini22 Spazio espositivo Ravenna Pallavicini22 Spazio espositivo Ravenna