Gloria Girelli Bruni

Le Terre dell'Anima

6th March 2020 – Suspended due to COVID-19

The Exhibition

The exhibition "Gloria Girelli Bruni - The Lands of the Soul", celebrates the career of the artist Gloria Girelli Bruni (Verona, 1967), which began in the 90s with the invitation of her painter sister to a work experience in the artistic field. The works selected for the exhibition summarize the artistic orientation of Gloria Girelli Bruni, in which a strong sensitivity stands out for the color combinations that embody sensations and emotions. The exhibition aims to enhance the concept of proprioception, the stylistic code that distinguishes the art of Gloria Girelli Bruni. To understand the meaning of the whole process, we must focus on two lines: on the one hand, the titles of the paintings; and on the other the exhibition path chosen specifically by the artist. This combination allows us to understand the complex and intimate relationship that unites emotional states and matter. Thus we will have works more focused on introspection, such as "Dream", "Getting lost", "Stillness", "Integrity", "Vibrations" and works oriented towards the other by oneself, the Elsewhere that awaits us out there, as " Earth and water "," Emerged lands "," Sea of light "," The voice of the sea "," Night "," Shimmers "," Galaxies ". The work "Sacred dance", a work to which Gloria Girelli Bruni is very close and which well represents the gestures of creation, remains as a premise and as a compendium to the whole. The generative gesture, a theme dear to the artist's poetics, is the gesture that the artist makes in dispersing the color on the canvas: after all, it is nothing more than a turn around, a ritual dance aimed at creation. "Spring" is the work that summarizes the entire production of Gloria Girelli Bruni. It is the only three-dimensional work, where the support material - which is usually a noble material - is instead a very poor, almost waste material. The elements here do not combine on a wooden table, there is no reasoned frame, nor is there an attempt to correct the material limits of the object in question. It is a work that speaks to us of "possibility", of overcoming every limit, even technical, in the artistic manifestation, as the gesture, the pigments, the chemical reactions of the material manage to make even the most humble of the media precious . "Spring" is, therefore, in every sense, a true alchemy of art. Finally, the exhibition path chosen by the artist, essential to perceive the meaning of the exhibition. Space is invested with light; the light tones of dawn triumph like whites, pinks, blues, to then lead us, slowly, to meet the evening, with its distant lights at the bottom of the horizon. Finally, the sacred and mysterious darkness of the night comes, conceived not as a threat, but as a sweet and intimate recollection in what is universal within each of us.

The Artist

GLORIA GIRELLI BRUNI was born in Verona on May 15, 1967. In the 90s she began her pictorial journey by welcoming the invitation of her painter sister to a work experience in the artistic field, learning the basics of decoration according to the teaching of ancient techniques. Subsequently, she attended the Clement Van der Kelen et Logèlain's Higher Institute of Painting in Brussels where she learned the technique for the execution of fake marble, fake wood, decoration and trompe l'oeil with oil and tempera techniques. Gloria is an artist with an unconventional path: the expression of her creative talent was born initially by turning to singing and acting and it is this experience, apparently far from the use of colors, materials and pictorial techniques, which forms the basis of her style in which sensitivity for color combinations "embodies" sensations and emotions and proprioception becomes the soul of her representative style. From the experience got in Brussels, from the learning of ancient techniques and from the countless stimuli that she encounters during her almost thirty-years working career, she draws inspiration to experiment with decorative furniture patinas with precious material and original chromatic effects. The resonance with the transformative magic of color, enriched by the use of a wide range of powder pigments, natural earths, oxides and purple and the same research on the potential of the materials, is used by her as a transformative medium to explore her own feeling more authentic and profound, creating a rich repertoire of contemporary works which she called "the lands of the soul". The collaboration with her sister Maria continues to this day, assisting her in the realization of important painting, decoration and restoration works both internally and externally, in Verona and other cities, both in Italy and abroad.


2011 – Collettiva Filippini Art, Verona
2015 – C.A.T.S., Fiera Arte Padova
2016 – Collettiva Art Farm Pilastro – EXTRA, Bonavigo (VR)
2018 – Personale presso WineFriends, Verona
2019 – Arte sul Naviglio Grande, Milano
2020 – Personale presso Pallavicini22, Ravenna