TUTTUNO. Distinguere per unire.

16th January – 7th February 2021

Opening 16th January 2021 at 18:00 hrs

The Exhibition

This path by Lorenzo Marabini becomes a ritual of a semionauta looking for a perimeter of meaning between worlds and ways. It is an attempt at adjustment, a sort of Platonic search for the missing half that recalls a loving Symposium that is lost and found in diversity. The tension is physical and metaphysical at the same time [...].

Each work contains condensations and shifts, which, as Freud reminds us in the "Motto of the Spirit", connect us directly with the deepest and purest part of us, our id, betrayed and tamed every day in a uniform and orderly race towards a dutiful nothing, served until exhaustion.

Annalisa Cattani

The Artist

Lorenzo Marabini graduated with honors in Aesthetic Philosophy at the University of Bologna (with a thesis on Plato and the artistic avant-gardes of the 20th century). He was born in Cervia (RA) and lives and works between Imola and Milan as an artist, director and consultant (corporate / territorial) in marketing and communication.

He exhibits in public and private exhibitions and events in Ravenna, Milan, Paris, Venice, Rovigo, Forlì, Imola, Faenza, including: Frames and Abstractions Ninapì nesting art gallery Ravenna; CFatal Hubert Karalì Galerie Paris; Artist's Plate HOMI lifestyle fair Fiera Milano, with AMA Art to eat Art / Humanitarian Society Milan; Animalia Palazzo Stelline Milano with Kook Sharing ("pioneering" enterprise for Il Sole24Ore); Portraits MalagAtelier Milan; Rivers of Air - Art Industry Recycling Pescheria Nuova Rovigo (catalog edited by Tobia Donà and Beatrice Buscaroli); sHotlines Italian Academy Precision shooting Varide Cicognani Forlì.

He was among the finalists of the Marina di Ravenna Award, chaired by Claudio Spadoni. In 2019 he was selected for the three-year Popack Milano project, dedicated to the productive encounter between artists and avant-garde brands. He has participated in video art contests such as Netmage (with Enrico Ghezzi, Angelo Badalamenti, Lorenzo Miglioli and Emiliano Montanari) and Bizzarro Film Festival, Bologna (with Tying Tiffany and Emiliano Montanari). For TV (RAI5) he directed the show Ez iz Amerike by Moni Ovadia and (MTV) Slow Motion - Tying Tiffany.

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