Daniela Carletti


On display from 13 to 27 April 2022

The Exhibition

This exhibition, organized by Pallavicini 22 Art Gallery in collaboration with the Ghigi-Pagnani Collection Archive and curated by Roberto Pagnani and Claudia Agrioli, features for the first time on display unpublished works that the artist dedicates to the colors of spring. Roberto Sottile, Art Critic and Curator, defines Daniela Carletti's painting as a painting made up of small gestures, a ritual marked over time that is regenerated to a new life. Color conquers the scene and becomes its absolute protagonist. These are scenes known to us, which belong to an everyday life often opposed by the speed of life. The color cast on the surface invites on the one hand to reflect on the fragility of our nature, to be protected and preserved, on the other it becomes a sign of extraordinary power, of a mother nature that expands new spaces, without ever giving up beauty. A research that of Daniela Carletti is difficult to execute because it is achieved through the simplicity of a pictorial gesture that becomes a sign and at the same time carries with it hopes and moods that belong to human sentiment.

The Artist

Daniela Carletti, born in Ferrara, began to take an interest in art in the late seventies by attending courses in painting, sculpture, watercolor and graphics, held by esteemed artists from her city and for about ten years she continued learning techniques.

She has experimented with the use of different materials in a continuous search for a personal representation of nature, which has always been the source of inspiration for her work.

In 2007 she participated in the IV International Symposium of Art in Odessa and exhibited at the Museum of Western and Oriental Art.

In 2011 she was present at the Venice Biennale, 54th International Art Exhibition.

In 2013, invited by Kurt Blum, GM of Swiss Art Gate UAE, she held a solo exhibition at the Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi, and since 2014 she has participated in solo and group exhibitions in the United Arab Emirates, including Artissima Art Gallery in Dubai, Sharjah University College of Fine Art and Design and Umm at the Quwain Cultural Center.

Since 2015 she has exhibited in various solo and group exhibitions in Italy and abroad, continuing to devote herself to both sculpture and painting.

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