Felice Nittolo


from 13 to 31 May 2022

The Exhibition

This exhibition, organized by the Pallavicini 22 Art Gallery exhibition space in collaboration with the Ghigi-Pagnani Collection Archive and curated by Roberto Pagnani with a critical text of the latter in the catalog, is part of the project dedicated to “8 contemporary masters: the evolution of mosaic thought in Ravenna ".

The artist Felice Nittolo presents a video installation with four central monitors that "tell" in a continuous cycle some performances made over the last thirty years, where the mosaic tiles and the body are the undisputed protagonists.

Visitors will also be able to admire his original multi-material works displayed on the walls of the gallery.

The Artist

Felice Nittolo was born in Capriglia Irpina in 1950. After his first training at the Art Institute of Avellino and at the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples, in 1968 he moved to Ravenna "for the love of mosaics". 

In 1984, A-Rhythmism gained international attention with the manifesto, through which he promoted a decisive renewal of the traditionally understood mosaic. In 1992 he presented the manifesto of the New Tradition and, subsequently, his presence was recorded in Italy and abroad: England, United States, Japan, Bosnia-Herzegovina, France, Germany, Austria, Scotland.

In the following years, he further experimented with the possibilities of glass and ceramics and made some video performances. He combines his creative activity with a deep commitment to the rediscovery of the work of the greatest protagonists of the Ravenna mosaic school of the twentieth century, organizing and curating over the years a long series of retrospective monographic exhibitions, alternating with exhibitions of living artists (often "new talents" of the mosaic).

For many years he taught mosaic art at the "Nervi-Severini" Art Institute of Ravenna, he also taught at the Academy of Fine Arts of the same city and was also a teacher at the Pilchuck School in Seattle (USA) . Many public and private collections hold works by him: from the MAR Museum in the city of Ravenna to the Tacoma Art Museum  in Seattle, from the National Museum of Ravenna to the Kawagoe Art Museum (Japan).

He lives and works in Ravenna.

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