Lia Proti

Viaggio verso il mondo nuovo

From 12 to 28 August 2022

The Exhibition

This exhibition, with a critical text by Roberto Pagnani in the catalog, shows drawings on vertical paper rolls in which ancestral figures, bodies in the making and in metamorphosis, organisms that multiply by cell division are outlined. Large eyes, bulbs and heads clinging to a primitive body by bundles of flesh and muscles. Almost evidence of genetic engineering or human hybrid creature experiments.

Starting from the study focused on the human figure and in particular on the face, PROT has turned to investigate, in the form of an image, the relationship between creative energy and the spiritual matrix that gives rise to physical bodies.

The Works

The Artist

Born in Italy, Lia Proti – also known as PROT - studied art and public decoration with Prof. Stefano Scheda at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna. Collaborating with local people, she developed an interest for the emotional side of the human being and the relationship between mind, body and soul, subjects of her later studies.

Over time, her passion for painting and for sharing opinions with others led her to do murals. Painting walls is the right way to let everyone access and enjoy art.

Prot has developed her own style along with the years and has traveled around Europe leaving traces of her artwork in Hamburg and Amsterdam, as well Italy.

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