Il corpo del fiore
The body of flower

From 10 to 25 September 2022

The Exhibition

The double solo exhibition, with critical texts by Michela Ongaretti in the catalog, features drawings by Gio Manzoni and photographs by Sara Meliti.  


The most suitable adjective for a flower, something that goes beyond what is necessary, which almost exaggerates.: The synthesis of Gio Manzoni's work that Michela Ongaretti gives at the opening of her text. For Giovanni Manzoni the analogy between the female body. and that of a luxuriant dahlia, or a mottled lily, occurs spontaneously, after a twenty-year practice of friezes with anatomical choreographies on the tip of a pencil.


All over the world, the floral explosion is dressed in every shape and color. 

Whether it is a fleshy lily or a mandala of inflorescences like the dandelion, our further reading is to see it more seductive as it is transitory, fragile. The contemplation of its delicacy touches us, lightens the soul.   This is the beginning of the text with which Michela Ongaretti presents the work of Sara Meliti. 

The Works

The Artist

by Lamberto Fabbri

My dearest Gio and Sara,

perhaps our friendship is not ancient but I feel it deep and sincere in the welcome you have always given me in your studio-factory. Yes, your studio is a sort of factory in the style of Andy Warhol in which it is created in the encounter between the most disparate Arts and of which you are the directors.

We arrive at Studio Gio Manzoni in the belief that we are immersing ourselves in a very "efficient", technological environment, as we usually find and instead ... here comes a person with a smile as wide as the entire face, two bright eyes to confirm it, that introduces You, in an atmosphere of cordiality and intellectual "freshness", to a cenacle of people, the most varied, including Sara, a very talented photographer, who shows you Your place with a sweet and decisive look. That is Your place within the "magic circle". And then to break the silence a nice taxi driver-artist who tells You about adventures between the erotic, the improbable, often understood as absolutely true, and the real, concrete, and dignified quality artistic portrait. Then there are young and rampant and prepared critics and, sometimes, even self-styled nude models, of interesting literary subjects, to agitate the hormones: here, therefore, is a pleasant and cultured mixture of Parisian factory and workshop of the belle epoque.

On the walls and on the tables, beautiful, quality works by Gio and Sara. And in the midst of all this nice and welcoming baillame, Gio wisely conducts the entire orchestra, entrusting each one with the score and his or her part of the performance. And me too, a neophyte in the studio.

It is an experience of full immersion in Art, which I recommend, to those invited, not to be missed. I have been missing for a while and I feel nostalgic for it.

True artists are also true in their daily lives, not only in the expression of their own art. And Gio and Sara are.

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