Sibylle Luquet


from 4 to 19 November 2023

The Exhibition

If every mythology describes the culture that invented it, DEAE brings us back to the artist's obsessions. This series of exclusively female portraits aims to explore the universe of mosaic, playing on its codes and looking for its limits. Navigating through a chronological fresco, the journey begins with works that take up the codes of Roman and Byzantine mosaics, before continuing its slow walk towards the deconstruction of the medium, both philosophically and literally, building bridges to contemporary art. This explains the artist's attention to importing touches from other art crafts into each piece, trying to cross paths with ceramics, porcelain, fresco or even sculpture. These intersections are constructed as pathways acting as an exit for mosaic art from its state of eternal painting, allowing it to express emotions and tell its story.

Because DEAE is not only constructed as an itinerary through the codes of mosaic. It is also a tale on multiple reading levels that narrates in parallel the artist's discovery of mosaic technique but also her own life experience, both being intertwined. From the amazement of her departure to her exodus from the world of mosaic, through the long wandering period and then her return to the road, it is above all the young mosaicist's initiatory journey that is revealed through these portraits of goddesses, seeking in them for her own face.

The Artist

Sibylle Luquet is a French artist who graduated in Mural Decoration, Mosaic Fresco and Parallel Techniques at ENSAAMA Olivier de Serres, Paris (France) in 2017, after having performed Internships at Arnaud Pereira, La Roche-Guyon (2016) and at Clement Miteran Wissous (2016). 

She obtained the diploma of master mosaicist at the Scuola Mosaicisti del Friuli in Splimbergo (Italy), which she attended from 2017 to 2020. 

Among her exhibitions we mention: Pictor Imaginarius, IX edition, Nazzano 2018, where she received the second prize of the jury for her mosaic "Fractures", 40x40 cm; the Parco Blevio Competition, 2019 for which she created the mosaic "Equilibre", 125x101 cm; the AIMC Prize for Students P.A.S. 2015-2017–2019 where she received the third prize FIDAPA BPW Italy section of Ravenna for the sculpture "Triloba"; the Blevio Park Competition, 2021 for which she created the mosaic "Step by step", 125x101 cm. She also participated in the Hanging by a thread project. 

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