ARKHAEO Icone spazio-temporali di materia-memoria

from 10 to 25 February 2024

The Exhibition

Pausing in the exhibition hall, vague constellations of heroes, divinities and mythological creatures who inhabit the imagination of the ancient world, substantiating its culture, will appear. The research that leads the author to the Arkhaeo Project was born here, a result that in his own way experiences a myriad of symbols and metamorphoses, all arising from the fascinating Greco-Roman mythology, seen from the eye and from the stratified modern consciousness of author. The thoughts of ancient man and his way of being are still strongly alive, delivered in architecture, works of art, excavation finds, objects of worship or of daily use which, defying the vertigo of time, reach us, inescapably full of the "pathos" of a disappeared humanity. In these (sometimes) ironic works, Palazzo adopts the language of the engraved sign-color to give the appearance of space-time icons expressed by evocative titles, choosing from the abyss of infinite possible solutions the one that represents a new insoluble enigma. The most varied materials, recycled and reborn to new life, speak their own language, that of structural, visual, tactile and emotional identity. The works, around twenty, are accompanied by some engravings and preparatory drawings.

The Works

The Artist

Franco Palazzo (Crispiano 1938) lives and works in Ravenna. In the years 2000/2001 he attended courses in Engraving Techniques at the Academy of Fine Arts in Ravenna with Prof. Matteo Accarrino.

His first solo exhibition was in 1973 at the Galleria La Pieve in Argenta (FE). Since 1983 he has exhibited at important galleries in Italy with exhibitions curated by Lamberto Fabbri, Gian Ruggero Manzoni, Vittoria Palazzo, Odette Gelosi, Enzo Dall'Ara, Agneta Kreischer, Marco Violi, Marisa Zattini and Augusto Pompili, Aldo Savini and Nevio Spadoni, Filippo Lotti and Nicola Micieli, Luca Maggio, Roberto Pagnani. Since the 1990s he has exhibited in France, Spain, U.S.A., Austria, U.A.E., Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Since 2001 his graphic work has been at the Capuchin Museum of Bagnacavallo (RA) and at the B.N.E. Biblioteca Nacional de Espana, Madrid (Spain).  

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