Rita Benzoni - Luciano Paganelli - Domenico Bressan


15-29 December 2019

Vernissage 14 December 18:00 hrs

The Exhibition

ESPRESSIONI, an itinerant exhibition between mosaic, photography and painting, continues its path in Pallavicini 22. After staying at Ravenna, Palazzo Rasponi 2 (29 November 13 December) the works of Rita Benzoni, Luciano Paganelli and Domenico Bressan move to the new space for art in the Farini district. In comparison, therefore, 3 artists, representatives of different techniques (mosaic, photography and painting) that with ESPRESSIONI create a dialogue developing through the portrait and the expression. The mosaicist reproduces with the tesserae the image of the photographer, who in turn portrays the painter at work, able to portray the mosaicist, in a cycle of works that give life to a comparison between artists and the media. The exhibition will be open to the public from 15 to 29 December, following the inauguration by invitation on Saturday 14.

The Works

The Artists

Rita Benzoni (mosaicist)

Born in Ravenna in 1964, she attended the P.L. Nervi as a student of Maestro Giulio Ruffini. Subsequently, she graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in the course of Decoration with Professor Luciano Caldari. She began her work by participating in the restoration of the mosaic floor in the Cathedral of Otranto, and then continued as a decorating mosaicist at SICIS International. Over the years she collaborated with the Veneto Consortium of Restoration and exhibited her works in various collective and personal exhibitions. An important part of her activity is dedicated to teaching mosaic through educational workshops. She now devotes her research to the study of the portrait. 


Domenico Bressan (photographer)

He begins to take his first photographs as a child with a Zenit-E given by his father. Since then he has never abandoned his vocation for photography. Over the years he has held several solo and group exhibitions, has obtained various publications, including some on different fashion magazines, on FIAF books | Italian Federation of Photographic Associations, on the catalog of the Festival of the Arts and with Nital. He collaborated with the municipality of Ravenna.
He is currently part of the "Tank Development Image" association based in Forlì of which he is a founding member and director. 


Luciano Paganelli (painter)

Born in Cesena in 1948, he graduated from the State Art Institute of Ravenna, Mosaic section. He attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Ravenna and the Decoration course directed by prof. Luciano Caldari, graduating in 1979. Two phases characterize his artistic research: Kinetic art and the return to the Figurative. Participant in 2 artistic projects organized by Prof. Paolo Degli Angeli "BEYOND THE CONTEMPORARY" and "OUT OF MARKET". He has held several solo exhibitions and participated in various collective exhibitions between galleries and foundations.