17th July - 2nd August 2020

Opening July 16 from 18:00 to 21:00

The Exhibition

H A B I T O is the second solo exhibition of Marti Rotels in Ravenna. The gallery spaces will host a selection of her main works, from which the painter's personality and the evolution of her artistic practice shines through. The works are made with the recovery and combination of "organic" materials, borrowed from nature, such as branches, leaves and pigments. Despite her young age, Marti Rotels is an artist who has already found her own conscious pictorial address. In her works Nature freezes into a perpetual three-dimensional still image. Nothing is left to chance: her is an analytical, cerebral and sensory art in the same way.

"The finite mirror of infinity": with this definition borrowed from the German philosopher Friedrich Schelling (1775-1854), the curator Roberto Pagnani defines the art of Marti Rotels: an art that speaks of the immensity of nature using its individual finished components.

The Artist

After graduating from the Pier Luigi Nervi Lyceum in Ravenna, Marti Rotels (Martina Rotella) moved to Florence where she completed a three-year course of painting at the Academy of Fine Arts. Following her degree, she settled for one year in Valencia, where she experimented with new artistic techniques and developed new paintings, characterized by the recovery of organic elements. Being a multifaceted artist, on her return to Italy, she enrolled in the Specialist in Theatrical Scenography, to expand her knowledge on the use of materials.
Her artistic work is characterized by a curiosity towards the material that develops with the recovery of natural elements that transform on the surface of the canvas, creating new emotional atmospheres, through the instinctive use of color. In nature, any organic form is born, grows and ends its life cycle by decomposing into the same habitat that gave it life. One step away from decomposition, they find a new form, a new habitat, which gives new life and makes them eternal. A different habitat, which offers organic forms, which in nature would not coexist, an opportunity to meet new species, new bonds and different languages.

Currently Marti Rotels (Martina Rotella), in collaboration with other artists operating in the Florentine territory, is creating an Artistic Cultural Center aiming to become a new reference point in the heart of Florence, based on the sharing of all forms of art and cultural interactions: C4 LAB.

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