Tommaso Martines

I luoghi della mia mente

20 September - 4 October 2020

Opening 19th September 2020 at 18:00

The Exhibition

"The places of my mind" is the personal exhibition of the artist Tommaso Martines, curated by Vincenzo Cignarale. The exhibition investigates the interpretative gaze of Tommaso Martines, aimed at the pictorial description of the existing through a poetics that makes light its essential element.

Through his works, Tommaso Martines tries to capture the light in order to find eternity in the moment of glow. For Martines, artistic research is the search of life, for life. His painting reflects, through the fast and impetuous sign, the restlessness of his thought.

In his artistic practice restless moments alternate with other more meditative ones where the colors take on soft movements that generate images with a strong expressive charge. In the expressiveness of the forms, in the emotional narration and in the gesture that goes beyond the pictorial support, we can see its dynamic thrust towards infinity.

Tommaso Martines creates his works through the study of humanistic culture and, in particular, welcomes many suggestions from the history of art, cinema and music.

The Artist

Tommaso Martines was born in Forlì (Italy) in 1990. He graduated in 2009 from the Art School of Forlì; he graduated in 2013 in "Comics and Illustration" at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna. He begins to exhibit in 2012, locally first and then in international art reviews including  Wop Art, Art Fair of works on paper, Lugano (2019), Academy of Fine Arts in Moscow (2019), Fairmount Hotel, Montecarlo (2019), Gallery Konster, Gothenburg, Sweden (2020).

In 2019 his works made an exhibition tour in the province of Hangzhou (China) and in the USA.

From 2020 his works have been part of the permanent collections of the Vatican, the Museum of Modern Art in Lyon (France), the Royal Collection of Buckingham Palace, London (UK).

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