Sergio Zanni

“Sull’identità del sommo poeta…”

From 31 August to 12 September 2021

The Exhibition

Sergio Zanni's personal exhibition “On the identity of the great poet ...”, curated by Roberto Pagnani and with a critical text in the catalog by Luca Maggio, intends to celebrate the seventh centenary of Dante Alighieri’s death (1321-2021).

Although the artist is known as a sculptor, numerous large-scale works are exhibited on display, all on charcoal and colored pastel paper with a single subject Dante Alighieri, set during the last year specifically for this event.

The identity that emerges in some ways from Pirandello reveals an intellectual-poet-politician in crisis with his time, perhaps even with his own life, a defeated exile who, however, is able to keep intact his faith in the book and in the word, his true face, capable of allowing him the time leap that restores his unchanged greatness to future generations as well.

The Works

The Artist

Sergio Zanni was born in Ferrara, where he lives and works. He attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna, graduating in Sculpture. After numerous exhibitions in Italy and abroad, we remember the participation in 2011 at the Venice Biennale 54th International Art Exhibition, Italian Pavilion, Venice, and in 2013 at the Racconigi International Sculpture Biennial. Later, among others, he held personal exhibitions at the Magi '900 Museum in Pieve di Cento (Bologna); Museum and Oratory of Santa Maria della Vita, Bologna; Cloister Art Gallery, Ferrara; Gagliardi Gallery, San Gimignano (Siena); Artè Gallery, Lugano. His monumental works are located in Pontedera (Pisa) in front of the Hera Theater, in the Natural Park of Ostellato (Ferrara), in the International Sculpture Park in Etroubles (Aosta), at the Bargellini Museum in Pieve di Cento (Bologna) and at the MAR of Ravenna.

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