MARIO ZANONI with the participation of ROBERTO PAGNANI

“Viaggio nel fantastico e nell'immaginario della Divina Commedia”
Omaggio a Dante Alighieri nel 700esimo della morte

From 15th to 24th October 2021

The Exhibition

The sculpture exhibition of the Romagna master Mario Zanoni is a presentation of work in progress works created by the artist starting from 2015, the year of the celebrations of the 750th anniversary of the birth of the Supreme Poet. With this cycle Mario Zanoni intended to begin a path of “rewriting” in plastic terms of the Divine Comedy through a free and highly personal interpretation of Dante's figures. 

The exhibition of Zanoni's sculptural cycle is enriched in this Ravenna exhibition with some suggestive unpublished pictorial works by Roberto Pagnani, a well-known and appreciated artist figure in the city. 

The entire review is part of the celebrations that Ravenna dedicates to Dante Alighieri in the 700 years of his death.

The Artist

Mario Zanoni approaches sculpture through an artistic path that, arising from his youthful musical studies, passes through experiences in the experimental theater of the 70s and it will be the theater allowing him to experience the world of fiction and surreal plasticity of movement from the inside, providing him with the stimuli and motivations to approach the figurative arts, among which sculpture will assume a central role.

Roberto Pagnani was born in Bologna and lives in Ravenna, the city where he works as an artist.  Growing up in a family context dedicated to the world of art for several generations, he has been in direct contact with works by the major protagonists of the European informal cultural environment. He exhibits in numerous events and exhibitions and there are many critics and art historians who have written about him.  

His collaborations with the world of theater and music are also important, such as, for example, the creation of sets. The collaboration with the pianist Matteo Ramon Arevalos is significant. 

He has also illustrated texts and poetic publications and his works are present in numerous public and private collections.

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