Andrea Hess


From 11 to 26 June 2022

The Exhibition

This exhibition, with a critical text by Sabina Ghinassi in the catalog, displays works made with fabrics, thread, plaster and alabaster; aggregations of dense and precious oils, almost a poetic ignition, an opening of the horizon, a sudden expansion of the heart. Andrea Hess's past is also marked by an education at the School of Fashion and Costume in Germany and by a coup de foudre for mosaic in Ravenna, many years ago, a city that has become over the years a place of affection, a second home for heart to return to. Here, while studying at the Academy of Fine Arts, she began an even more tactile and affective relationship with the materials, through a gesture that was able to build soft relationships between the surfaces, with scratches, light engravings, caresses and an always precious color. luminescent like a fairy tale.

The Artist

Andrea Hess was born in Stuttgart (D) in 1967. 

She attended the Academy of Fine Arts of Carrara (I), Sculpture (1992-93) and the Academy of Fine Arts of Ravenna (I), Diploma of Sculpture (1994-98).  She lives and works in Freiburg (D). 

Since 1993 she participated to solo exhibitions in Germany (Freiburg, Stuttgart, Waldkirch, Kunstverein Emmendingen, Lenzkirch, Karlsruhe) and in Italy (Padua, Venice, Ravenna, Milan, Bologna, Turin, Cervia). 

Since 1995 she participated in numerous collective exhibitions mainly in: Irpino Museum, Avellino (I); Stadtmuseum Hüfingen (D); Feilenhauer, Winterthur (CH); Sassi Foundation, Matera (I); St. Bonifatius, Mannheim (D); Kunstmuseum Singen (D); Kunstpreis der Erzdiözese, Morat-Institut für Kunst und Wissenschaft, Freiburg (D); Galerie Merkle, Stuttgart (D); Galerie Kralewski, Freiburg (D); Five Gallery, Lugano (CH); Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art, Viareggio (I); Paola Raffo Gallery, Pietrasanta (I); Altinate San Gaetano Cultural Center, Padua (I); Fischmüllers, Freiburg (D); Projektraum Pförtnerhaus, Freiburg (D); Alter Wiehrebahnhof, Freiburg (D); Landratsamt, Freiburg (D); Sammlung Rosskopf, Freiburg (D); Ateliergalerie Oda und Roland Bischoff, Lahr (D); Gallery of Modern Art, Cesena (I) La Pescheria Gallery, Cesena (I); Field of Strawberries, Bologna (I); Molinella Gallery, Faenza (I); Church of S. Maria ad Nives, Rimini (I); Oliva Palace, Sassoferrato (I); European Art Festival, Senigallia (I); Universitatea din Bucuresti (RO)

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