Paesaggi dell'anima

From 8 to 20 October 2022

The Exhibition

The exhibition dedicated to the work of Giovanna Galli marks the seventh and penultimate appointment that the Pallavicini22 Art Gallery has been reserving for a year and a half for the great protagonists of contemporary Ravenna-based mosaics.

The exhibition, curated by Luca Maggio, author of the critical text in the catalog also, presents a sequence of works inspired by the natural world – according to their titles - which want not to capture the defined forms of nature, but the essence and fades. Not by chance, a fundamental role is given by the attention to colors and minimal nuances: "... Galli attempted utopia with the durable stones of the mosaic: to grasp and make last the becoming - impossible to fix - of the mind of things, including the human one. "

The Works

The Artist

GIOVANNA GALLI was born in Ravenna (Italy), lives and works in Paris and Toulon (France)
1970 Diploma of master of art at the institute of Ravenna (Italy)
1973 Diploma of Fine Arts in Bologna (Italy)
1973 Diploma of Fine Arts of Ravenna (Italy)
1976/78 School of Fine Arts of Paris (France)
1970/76 working in the workshop of her school-master: Renato Signorini
1986/93 working at the atélier "la mesure" - Taverny (95)

Author of the texts:
La mosaïque - Ulisse Editions - Paris 1989
L'art de la mosaïque - Armand Colin publisher - Paris 1991

She designed and created traveling exhibitions in France. She exhibited in Italy and France also.

Her works can be found in Paris (France), Hanoi (Vietnam), Ikoma (Japan), Lille / Roubaix (France), Cerrina Monferrato (Italy), Grenoble (France), Neuilly (France), Sologne (France), Sault le Rethel (France), Perpignan (France), Rennes based on a project by A. Lanskoy (France).

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