Marco Bravura

Per quindici anni mi sono coricato presto la sera

17th December 2022

The Exhibition

The event dedicated to Marco Bravura and curated by the critic Luca Maggio marks the eighth and final appointment of the mosaic exposition that the Pallavicini22 exhibition space has been dedicating for over a year and a half to the historical protagonists of contemporary mosaics from Ravenna.

Unlike the previous exhibitions, in this one it will be the artist himself, present on Saturday 17 December from 17:00, in conversation with the curator, to "make the show". Foreseeing interactions with the public also, the creative process of Bravura will be retraced, halfway between "a sort of incessant and seductive hymn to life and a more critical and social aspect, sometimes not without irony", focusing in particular on the last productive Russian fifteen years, to which the Proustian title chosen by the artist himself refers. 

The Artist

Marco Bravura (Ravenna, 1949) after graduating from the Gino Severini State Institute of Art for Mosaic, completed his preparation at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice, the city where he lived and worked for some years. He attended numerous exhibitions in Italy and abroad, including the Venice Biennale (2011) and the IV Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art. His works appear in museums, various institutions, banks and private collections in Europe, Russia and the United States. 

A convinced nomad and practitioner, Marco Bravura lived and lives mainly where he has a studio, a garage-workspace, the old-style home-workshop space. A studio where the time of work becomes the time of the pleasure of living by creating and doing: the study is wherever the path has led him. In Russia, the last in chronological order, with a feeling often turned to the East, either the Middle East, the Lebanon of Ardea Purpurea and the mosaic school he created, or the farther one, such as India.  

Broadening the visual and emotional horizons, knowing to understand how differences are nothing but riches freely offered: Bravura has a lifestyle pursued without too many stops, from the youth to maturity, supported and driven mainly by the desire for freedom , the only real indispensable condition for a life of choices and awareness.

He lives and works between Tarusa (Russia) and Ravenna.

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