Stefania Salti


from 15 to 29 January 2023

The Exhibition

The exhibition on the work of Stefania Salti, with a critical text by Roberto Pagnani in the catalogue, displays canvases, metals and engravings made by the artist over the last twenty years. 

According to the critic, "immediately one perceives a strong executive energy, which may also appear to be a violent painting, in reality an exciting and whispered lyricism is hidden, born of soft whispered passages of forms and visions."

The artist reports of herself: “Painting is a continuous discovery, both outside and inside of me. The narration of these experiences needs different languages. This is why I use different materials. Not all pilgrimages of the soul can be described in the same words. Some need to be delicate, others incisive, others whispered."

The Artist

Stefania Salti was born in Ravenna in 1952. She graduated from the State Institute of Art for Mosaic and then attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Ravenna studying figure and engraving. She was an art teacher, painter and engraver. Over the years she has studied and applied various pictorial techniques, maintaining a constant interest and experimentation in artistic language using plaster, rubber and metals. Her latest works are collages of images she photographed and then elaborated with computer techniques and pictorial interventions. 

She exhibited, since 1980, in Italy and abroad in solo and group exhibitions.

She currently lives and works in San Pietro in Vincoli, nearby Ravenna, immersed in the greenery that surrounds a country house.

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