Valentina Fussi


7th - 23rd August 2020

Opening 6th August 18:00 hrs

The Exhibition

Writing about Valentina Fussi's works is particularly fascinating because, in essence, it is "writing about writing".

In fact, her works represent the happy encounter between art and calligraphy.

Valentina studied Visual Communication in Venice and San Marino and Product Design in Faenza.

Significant was her meeting with Monica Dengo, an internationally renowned artist-designer, who worked for many years in San Francisco of which, personally, I remember the works exhibited in a collective that was held, in 2010, at the Correr Museum and at the Library of Venetian Art and History in Venice entitled: “THE POETRY OF WRITTEN SPACE. Handwriting and calligraphy. ".

Now we take the naturalness of letters and words for granted and reconstruct their meaning thanks to their "sum" that gives rise to written thoughts.

Sometimes, however, it is nice to also remind us of their origin and, at the same time, of the pleasure you feel in making them with a continuous hand gesture, practically pictorial, as has been taught to each of us but that today, for technological reasons , we are slowly abandoning in favor of digitization via the keyboard.

Here, today, Valentina re-appropriates that ancient, even sensual, taste of writing by hand on sheets of paper and cardboard; to increase or decrease the tone of the characters, to reinforce the chiaroscuro, to use vertical or horizontal formats for her letters.

How much time has passed since the origin of the letter ʾāleph (practically our A, however, lying on the left side) which was nothing but the head of an ox for the Phoenicians?

In the artist's works we remember the happy "grafting" between creativity and rationality of the human being that makes us understand, even more, what powerful attraction and practicality art has for our civilization.

In her exhibition at Pallavicini 22, Valentina allows us, once again, to "play", with joy, with the musical dances of her calligraphic works.

Roberto Pagnani

The Works

The Artist

Valentina Fussi is a designer of objects, words and spaces. She studied Visual Communication between Venice and San Marino and Product Design in Faenza. Her meeting with Monica Dengo, an internationally renowned artist-designer, who worked for many years in San Francisco, was significant for the development of her artistic career. With Dengo Valentina studied calligraphy for three years, learning the basics of formal writing and then experimenting with new tools and techniques.

In fact, Valentina has always cultivated a passion for calligraphy and letters, approaching the world of hand drawing and word construction with various techniques: music and song lyrics are one of the best inspirations for her work.
She is currently a SMED teacher (Handwriting in the Digital Age) and contributes to the dissemination and promotion of calligraphy by holding writing courses and workshops for adults and children.

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