Evidenza dei Segni

1 - 18 November 2020

Opening 31st October 2020 at 18:00 hrs

The Exhibition

Parmarè, contraction of Parmiani Maria Regia, is an adopted Ravenna woman who boasts an appreciable artistic experience at an international level.

At the exhibition there will be oil works on canvas, oils and mixed techniques on paper; works showing how the artist correctly implements her compositional modality whose roots lie in a classical figuration. She demonstrates that she is capable of continually renewing her artistic vision by giving new life to painting as an art and continually trying to reconcile the elements of abstract forms and arbitrary colors - which are the fundamental elements of pictorial language - with the truths of a visual and emotional experience.
In truth, Parmarè is above all an instinctive, empirical artist who places all her trust in the acute sense of perception and observation. Qualities that are capable of making ever more subtle, sensitive and plastic, without ever abandoning herself to emotions or the seduction of means and materials.
She has chosen from the beginning to believe in thought and she relies on it. The thought that in its being memory, feeling, intuition, reflection, constitutes the possibility of seeing beyond visible reality, and of seeing without reducing seeing to looking. Her work is thinking about the world, it is her saying something about the world without any emphasis.

The Artist


Parmarè was born in Comacchio. She attended the Ravenna Academy of Fine Arts, in particular courses in mosaic, painting, engraving and decoration. In 1977 she moved to Ravenna and, from 1979 to 1982, during her many travels, she met the masters Remo Brindisi, Mino Maccari, Ernesto Treccani, obtaining an invaluable wealth of intellectual and artistic knowledge. Her painting continues to be figurative, but over the years it will tend more and more to geometric abstractionism. The turning point occurred in 2008 when she completely abandoned the figurative to devote herself to constructivist abstraction using the sprinkling brush technique.

She currently lives and works in Ravenna.

Previous exhibitions

“Personal”, Pescara, Edmea Fabiani Gallery, 1980

“Personal”, Milan, Barbaroux Gallery, 1993

“Personal”, Bologna, La Scaletta Gallery, 1994

“Personal”, Marbella (Spain), El Paseo Gallery, 2007

"Art Review", Pavillon de l'Arsenal, 2008

“Affordable Art Fair”, London, 2008

“Personal. Dialogue with constructivist abstractionism. ", Goteborg (Sweden), 2009 and 2010

International Art Fair, Expo Center, Hangzhou (China), 2009

Permanent works Gallery T69, New York (USA), 2012

“Art take Time Square”, New York (USA), 2012

Art Rotterdam, Rotterdam (NL), 2013

Palm Springs Fine Art Fair, California (USA), 2013

From 2013 to 2020 exhibitions in: Houston, Miami, Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Washington (USA) and in China, Abu Dabhi, Moscow, Seou  e in Cina, Abu Dabhi, Mosca, Seoul

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