BiART Gallery

TUTTINTAVOLA collective exhibition

From 15/05/2021 to 30/05/2021

Opening 15th May 2021

The Exhibition

Food can be communicated from different points of view and with an infinite number of tones.

Talking about food has become very popular. We are enchanted by the show cooking of the famous chef, we note the recipes dispensed by the numerous cooking TV programs, we attend courses to rediscover the skills of our grandmothers. Food seems to have rediscovered a charm that had completely disappeared, submerged as we are by industrial production, which guarantees us well-being that goes far beyond the satisfaction of a primary human need.

Artists have paid homage to food throughout the ages.

Through the images, humanity has recounted the hard work of the farmer, the richness of nature, the skill of the artisans. The paintings record the uses and customs of civilizations, compare social classes, allow to discover how in the past food was prepared and consumed and how has recently become an instrument of denunciation of a food consumerism overwhelming us, also.

Culinary art is a creative act. Each preparation is a sense experience satisfying the body and offering aesthetic enjoyment, when the dish becomes the chef's palette.

The Works

The Artists

The BiART Gallery Artists on exhibit: 

Aldo Burattoni, 

Caterina Spada, 

Claudia Marinoni, 

Evalgora Rustignoli, 

Fernando Orrico, 

Franca Faedi, 

Francesco Ravagli, 

Grazia Frisco, 

Liliana Santandrea, 

Maria Casto, 

Monica Pirazzoli “in arte: A Me”, 

Pasquale Golia, 

Rino Ghinassi.

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