Come gli occhi si accostano - e si staccano

From 9 to 24 July 2022

The Exhibition

The exhibition on the work of Luciana Notturni marks the sixth of the eight scheduled events that the Pallavicini22 Art Gallery exhibition space has been dedicating for over a year to the great protagonists of contemporary Ravenna-based mosaics.

The exhibition, curated by Luca Maggio, also author of the critical text in the catalog, sees alternating on the wall copies from the antique in which the craftsmanship is of undisputed skill, together with original works, many with a floral theme, whose constitutive roots is always and in any case the careful study of the ancient. "The focus is knowing what you have in your hands, to shorten, to limit, define words and stones without wasting anything, to be clear-cut, honest, direct: this is the work of Luciana Notturni."

The Artist

Luciana Notturni studied at the G. Severini State Institute of Mosaic Art in Ravenna and graduated as a Mosaic Master, with a specialization in Mosaic and applied arts. She started working as a mosaic artist in 1970 by founding the Studio Officina del Mosaico. She collaborated with the Mosaic Association which, in the 1980s and 1990s, worked to focus attention on traditional mosaic techniques and their relationship with contemporary art. In 1998 she founded her own Mosaic Art School laboratory where she currently teaches the Ravenna method for mosaic art together with a group of collaborators. Luciana Notturni has also taught at the School for the Restoration of Mosaic in Ravenna and at the Academy of Fine Arts in Ravenna. During her long career Luciana Notturni had the opportunity to collaborate with various artists, architects and interior designers including Mendini, Studio Alchimia, Guerriero, Himmelsbach, Bendini, Bartolini, Cattani, Montessori, Antonioni and Balthus.

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