Maurizio Pilò


From 29 January to 16 February 2022

The Exhibition

At the Pallavicini 22 Art Gallery, nineteen landscape works will be exhibited. Thanks to his particularly analytical sensitivity, in these works the artist's attentive gaze traces a new vision of what he sees.

“EntratƎ” is a welcome invitation to enter his most intimate universe where, in a long series of landscapes, his life and skills as an artist take shape and substance. These landscapes are the result of the fragmentation, and then reconstruction, not only of his own inner poetic experience but of the more rational and practical one, also given by his great working experience as a graphic designer, layout designer, photographer and finally a painter.

The Artist


Maurizio Pilò was born in Faenza on May 1, 1957. After graduating from the Art School of Ravenna he attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Ravenna. He followed the courses of Umberto Folli, Tono Zancanaro, Remo Muratore, Paolo Racagni, Vittorio D'Augusta, Eugenio Carmi and Gabriele Partisani. He concluded his studies with a thesis entitled "Natural sign, artificial sign", supervisor Prof. Claudio Spadoni. 

In the mid-nineties he set up his studio in Santa Maria in Fabriago, a small village in the Romagna countryside near the Santerno river and began his first painting exhibitions.

He has held many group and solo exhibitions.

The following have written about him: Giulio Guberti, Danilo Montanari, Angelamaria Golfarelli, Gino Gianuizzi, Raffaele Quattrone, Alberto Gross, Aldo Savini, Nicola Cavallini, Luca Donelli. 

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